Food Allergy Challenge: Banana

We have officially knocked banana off the list of foods that Charlie is allergic to. As we did with the beans/peas challenge, we drove to Children’s Medical in Omaha and Charlie took the challenge in his allergist’s office. An hour later, Charlie’s face was looking fine and bananas were back on the menu.


The test was pretty straightforward. Charlie and Max each ate one tiny little piece of banana every fifteen minutes. The banana pieces got progressively larger over the course of the hour, and we watched his face for signs of trouble. Charlie was fine and happy, and Max enjoyed taking the test with him. Each time I gave banana to Charlie he said “Nom, nom, I want more!”


We’ll do strawberries next weekend and then, believe it or not, we are going to do a peanut food challenge in early April. That’s a big day. We’ll use peanut butter. The doctor thinks Charlie’s numbers are low enough.  Hope, hope, hope.


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