FARE’s Updated Walk For Food Allergy Website


The new FARE Walk for Food Allergy site is polished and easy to use.

My family really enjoyed the FAAN walk here in Lincoln, Neb. last year. It was a great chance to raise money for an important food allergy organization and it was also an opportunity to raise awareness of food allergies in Lincoln. And, it was nice to see that we are not alone – there are many, many families in our city going through the same thing. Now, there’s exciting news about this year’s walks, which will take place across the country. FARE, (formerly FAAN & FAI), now has a new website. I’ve checked it out, and I love it.

Food Allergy T-shirts

Charlie and Max at last year’s walk, sporting their T-shirts.

Lincoln’s walk isn’t up on the site yet, but FARE’s midwest regional development coordinator just sent out an email pegging the date as October 19th, at Holmes Lake Park. That’s where it was held last year, and it’s a great, scenic spot with plenty of parking.

Everyone meets up at a big tent and checks out the latest from Mylan, (maker of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr) and there are plenty of activities for the kids (balloon animals, face-painting, etc.). The activities are followed by the walk itself. If you’re thinking of going, I recommend raising money via the FARE walk site. If you’re not planning to go, I’d like to point out that last year Darth Vader showed up.


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