About Toxic Lasagna

My youngest kid is wildly allergic to some of the most common foods in the American diet. Put a crumb of food that has dairy, egg, peanuts, or tree nuts into his mouth, and you’ve just bought Charlie a trip to the emergency room.

Keeping Charlie safe has changed the direction of our family’s life. I quit my job as a computer magazine editor to stay home with Charlie until he’s ready for school. We stopped eating foods Charlie is allergic to. We started paying attention to things we’d never given much thought about before, like household cleaners and whole vs. processed food. Even allergy legislation.

As you can imagine, my wife, Mary Kate and I are learning a lot as we go. Toxic Lasagna is a way to share what we’re learning and connect with the community of food allergy families that we suddenly find ourselves a part of.


6 thoughts on “About Toxic Lasagna

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  2. Poor Charlie! I can fully relate. I’m so allergic to peanuts that I ended up in the ER recently just because someone in line near me decided to open something with peanuts in it; I can’t even be near them. It’s scary living with such sever allergies, and I’m sure scary for you as his parent!

    I’m also brand new to being allergic to soy, milk, strawberries, eggs, shellfish, and six other things. I had allergy testing on Friday because I’d been sick all the time. Now I know why. It’s overwhelming to be starting completely from scratch when it comes to meal planning; I feel like I’ve accomplished something after successfully eating something after each meal. Makes it encouraging to find blogs like yours because it makes me feel like I’ll start to get the hang of this more eventually.


    • Yikes! I’ve heard of people being that allergic – there are a lot of people as allergic as you, I was surprised to discover. And now you find out you have more allergies? Watch out for shellfish, that shows up in foods you wouldn’t expect. You do get the hang of it and it does get easier – I was really overwhelmed at first. Now, I’m a little less overwhelmed. Still stinks!

      • It really does stink! But at least it gets less overwhelming. Thanks for the warning about shellfish! I’d never even thought of it until this weekend, so I’m still figuring out where it hides. Soy shows up everywhere! Lots of ingratiate label reading.


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