Food Allergy Fun: Charlie Meets Charlie

Whole Foods is on the other side of town, but it’s loaded with allergy-friendly brands and the kids love the produce section because the employees sometimes give them fruit to snack on. So, we trek out there occasionally and stock up on Applegate meats, Daiya cheese alternatives, Earth Balance vegan butter, and So Delicious coconut milk and yogurt.

And, of course, we get cookies. We can bake our own and often do (look up Kelly Rudnicki online for allergy-friendly baking recipes) but sometimes it’s fun to buy boxed cookies. We typically go with Enjoy Life and Cybelle Pascal’s cookies. It’s fun: it’s one of the few times I can point to several shelves of food and tell Charlie “pick what you want.” The cookies are insanely expensive, but watching Charlie choose his own treat is good for my heart.

Anyway, we went to the register and were just finishing up when a family walked past. The mom glanced at our counter and stopped dead.

“Does someone in your family have food allergies?” she asked.

I explained that Charlie does and she pointed out that her son was also named Charlie, and he also has food allergies – the same ones that our Charlie has. The two Charlies, who are about the same height and age, sized each other up while we talked about our experiences with the kids and food allergies. We agreed: it’s hard.

Charlie is very happy to know that there’s another Charlie who has food allergies, and he told MK about it as soon as she got home. I got a kick out of the coincidence, and, although I wouldn’t wish allergies on anybody, I’m always a little relieved to see that there are other families going through the same thing – MK and I are not alone.


3 thoughts on “Food Allergy Fun: Charlie Meets Charlie

  1. Hey, Josh. I think we have some mutual Facebook friends. Anyway, in our family, the almost-6-year-old DS has peanut and tree-nut allergies. It is pretty exciting to find others who have even a little bit of a clue for what you’re going through, so I enjoy and empathize with your blog. My first trip to Whole Foods was a bust (and across town from us, so I have little motivation to go), but I’m willing to give it another shot thanks to your blog. Are you doing the FARE walk in Omaha this year? Hopefully next year, it’ll be in Lincoln, and Quinton will have a team. Take care, and thank you for your work and writing.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Emily. Yeah, Whole Foods is a hike for us, too. We did the FARE walk last year and had a good time, but we haven’t made any plans for it this year. It’s not in Lincoln this year? Tree nuts and peanut, ouch. There are no easy ones, but those are hard to avoid.

  3. Hi Josh! I really feel for you and your family as I read your posts. My son is 7 and he also has many food allergies. It helps that I am a nutritionist so luckily we never had to use the epipen. Let me know if I can help with my experiences. I know that some food allergies are tied to environmental ones, like my son is allergic to pears because of birch pollen. Please read
    He has severe allergy to eggs, nuts, soy and environmental to mold, ragweed and birch pollen and grass pollen. Does your son vomits? I did not see you mentioning. My son used to vomit a lot. Was bad from 2-4 years. It is not bad anymore. In spring and fall I do give him some Claritin and it helped a lot. It does get better with age.
    Wish you and your family well!

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