Bee Sting

Most of my posts involve my son, Charlie, because he has such severed food allergies. I’m anaphylactic to shellfish, but that’s a food that’s easy to avoid – I just don’t eat at restaurants that serve it. I’m also allergic to wasps, and possibly bees. I had an ana reaction to a wasp sting when I was a kid, and haven’t been stung since, until today, when a bee stung me on the cheek. The four of us were at a local fun run, and Max and I were running along when the bee got me.

I had a huge welt, but no reaction. I don’t know if it’s thanks to the years of immunotherapy when I was a kid, or just because it was a bee instead of a wasp, or what. I was loaded with EpiPens and Auvi-Qs for me and for Charlie, so I as ready, but nothing happened. Go me.


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