Food Allergy Challenge: Strawberries

Charlie is not allergic to strawberries anymore

Fruit salads are about to get even better.

Charlie is no longer allergic to strawberries! His allergy doc suggested we test him at home for strawberries, so we went to a park and the kids played between small bites of some fresh strawberries. Charlie LOVED them, and didn’t have any symptoms.

So, we’re down to four: dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nut. And possibly something we don’t know about – remember that reaction he had in the back yard a couple weeks ago? We sure do. And the ensuing tree pollen test turned up nothing. That’s good news for our birch tree. I was ready to yank that thing out myself if it was the problem.

It’s tempting to think, “If he’s outgrown bananas, strawberries, and legumes, maybe he’s outgrown the rest, too.” But the bloodwork numbers are still high on dairy and egg for Charlie. The only one that the doctor has suggested putting to a food challenge is peanut. We’ll have that challenge this summer, when it’s safe for Charlie to go off antihistamines.


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