Charlie Gets His Medic Alert

Charlie's Medic Alert Bracelet

The bracelet is just the right size for him. I wondered if it would work out OK, size-wise, but all they needed to know was his age and they nailed it.

Charlie is always with MK or me, but one of these days, he’s not going to be with either of us, and a Medic Alert might come in very handy. In fact, it might save his life if he has anaphylaxis while we’re not around. So, for Christmas, he and I got matching bracelets.

Rescuers can call a number on the Medic Alert badge and give his ID number to get emergency info about him. Also, the bracelet lists his allergens on the back. I’ve had a Medic Alert necklace for some time, but I like the bracelet more now that I’m wearing it.

C2I wondered whether Max would be jealous, and I picked up a watch for him for Christmas, so he’d have something for his wrist, too, but MK had a good point: Charlie’s going to be jealous of Max many times until he outgrows his food allergies. Max can eat anything and can go places Charlie can’t. It’s OK if Max is a little jealous of Charlie once in awhile.

It’s been a couple weeks, and so far, Charlie likes the bracelet just fine. Sometimes he likes to compare it to mine. Max never wears the watch, but he likes to turn it on when his room is dark. It has a little light. So, one more way to protect Charlie. Soon, he’ll have a food allergy challenge: banana. It would really be nice to be able to have bananas in our house again.

Matching bracelets

Who’s ready for an emergency? These guys!


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