FARE will be the new name for FAAN/FAI.

I knew that FAAN and FAI were merging, but I didn’t realize a new name was in order. It looks like it’ll be FARE, which doesn’t sound any better or worse to me than the old names.

The website will be www.foodallergy.org, which is FAAN’s current address. The name change won’t take place until early next year, so you can expect to see FAAN/FAI-branded stuff floating around for a bit. My family has had a FAAN membership for awhile, and it has good info and I enjoyed the newsletter, but I also really like KFA. The KFA website has seemed more active to me – it has a vibrant community and there is new information there all the time (though KFA, too, could probably benefit from a makeover in my opinion) so I’ll be interested to see if merging gives FAAN/FAI an energy boost or if it cedes the Internet audience to KFA.


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