Dude: Carry Your EpiPen

Bags for my EpiPens

I wear the small pack on my belt loop at all times. I also wear the MedicAlert necklace. Charlie will have a bracelet when he’s a little older. Whenever we leave the house, MK or I wear the fanny pack, which has two EpiPens for Charlie and some other meds for his reactions.

I carry EpiPen Jrs wherever I go. I have two EpiPens on me as I write this. I carry extras so that, should Charlie go off with someone else (like a grandparent), I can send two with him and have two with me. Why do I need them when I’m not with him (aside from my own adult EpiPens, which I carry for my own allergies to bees and shellfish)? Because I’ll never not be ready. I’ll never be relying on someone else to have the medicine he needs to stay alive.

I think many parents don’t see things the way I do, as evidenced by this post: Wake Up Call to the Food Allergy Community.


4 thoughts on “Dude: Carry Your EpiPen

  1. Interesting that you posted this today because I was just on a school field trip this week and I was in charge of three 2nd grade girls. I knew that one of the girls (not mine) was allergic to peanuts so I took my epi pens (my son, who was not on the field trip, is allergic to dairy, eggs and black walnuts) and had them on me the entire time. The school sends a fanny pack with the teacher, but I was never told the teacher had it and the teacher was only reachable by cell phone in the wide expanses of Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. When I saw how it all played out, I was very thankful that I had brought my epi and benadryl so I could have bought this young lady valuable time in the case of an emergency….and yes…..we were in charge of supervising lunch that the kids brought.

  2. I found the post that you linked to shocking! I can’t imagine NOT carrying my sons epipen, benedryl and albuterol everywhere I go. I also can’t imagine how helpless I would feel if he were to have a reaction or an asthma attack and I didn’t have his life saving medications. I NEVER want to have that feeling.

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