Food Allergy Win: Pizza Friday Returns

Allergy Friendly Pizza

We threw some onions on it – tonight, we’re going to double-down on veggies. Hooray!

So, that Vegan Gourmet cheese alternative is just what this family needs. Little Charlie has no problems with it, because it has no dairy or his other triggers. And it shreds and melts (with a little coaxing) like ordinary cheese. And thanks to a new pizza crust that the kids’ grandma discovered, we’re able to eat real pizza.

The pizza crusts in question are the Pillsbury classic and thin crusts. Amazingly, the ones we picked up at the grocery store don’t have any of Charlie’s triggers. We threw on some marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s, covered it with the Vegan Gourmet mozzarella, and we had ourselves one of the tastiest pizzas we’ve ever eaten at home.


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