Cheese Alternative: Follow Your Heart by Vegan Gourmet

Charlie-Friendly Cheese Alternatives

These are all Charlie-friendly. Hooray!

So, it turns out that there is cheese alternative that doesn’t have pea protein. Technically, Charlie isn’t allergic to peas anymore, but we’re happy to have this Follow Your Heart cheese alternative, especially because it’s delicious. We found it at the local co-op, along with some other Charlie-friendly dishes. We’ve tried all of them and the kids have liked them almost as much as we have. We started with the  Follow Your Heart cheddar.

Cheese alternative for food allergies

Looks like cheese. Tastes like cheese.

As it turns out, the  Vegan Gourmet cheese alternative is a good deal. It feels a little oily, but it shreds OK, melts decently, and tastes close to cheese, especially with a little salt. Charlie loved it, and taco night got even better.

Vegen Gourmet cheese alternative for food allergy

Shreds fine!

So, score one for us. We’re still keeping an eye on Charlie and peas, so it’s nice to have this as a control when we’re testing other foods that we haven’t fed him before. For example, we used the Vegan Gourmet mozzarella alternative when we made a pizza with a new crust. I’ll get to that in a different post. One of the things we’ve been struggling with is expanding our menu. Having a decent cheese-like product on hand is already making a big difference for us. Charlie is willing to eat just about anything, but Max is much more picky. I’d say that, while Max isn’t thrilled about the cheese alternative, he’s willing to eat the meals that it’s a part of. And right now, that’s all I need.

Melted Vegan Gourmet Cheddar

Melts Fine.




5 thoughts on “Cheese Alternative: Follow Your Heart by Vegan Gourmet

  1. This is great! I don’t want to imagine a house without cheese. I’m so glad you can enjoy cheese around there again.

    Not related to this post, do you all use hard shell tacos too? We’ve discovered our kids will eat twice as much of their taco when we use the hard shells. If you melt the cheese in there, the taco gets chewy instead of hard and doesn’t fall apart much, which was always the reason I never used them in the past.

      • Put the cheese in the bottom, fill in the rest, and then microwave it. Somehow the grease from the cheese is what makes it get soft/chewy and not break up when they bite into it. Sounds like you got some extra-greasy cheese to work with there!

  2. My daughter’s throat closes whenever she eats vegan cheese with pea protein in it. I have been unable to find one without pea protein, except for a cream cheese by Trader Joe’s. Have you been able to find one similar to mozzarella without pea protein? I would love to make this kid a pizza! 🙂

    • Good question! Have you checked the blocks of Follow Your Heart mozzarella style and cheddar style? I think I remember those being free of pea protein, but I’m not positive.

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