Wrap with no dairy, egg, nuts, or beans

Turkey wrap with tomatoes and guacamole. Charlie loves guac. Max, not so much.

Typical recipes aren’t meant for people with food allergies. Most of the recipes I like involve ingredients that Charlie is allergic to. I can often substitute Charlie-friendly ingredients (something that’s easier to do now that Charlie can eat peas and possibly beans). Sometimes, I can just skip the ingredient altogether. Reworking recipes can chew up a lot of time, but since I keep my rewritten recipes in a binder, it’s a once-per recipe deal.

And then there is FAAN, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. It has great recipe books that list the allergens each recipe avoids. It uses a letter for each allergen, making Charlie MEPN: Milk, Egg, Peanut, Nuts. If I see those letters while I’m flipping through the book, I have a recipe that’s ready for him, unless it relies on bananas or strawberries. The recipes are a huge timesaver, and many of them are really great. FAAN’s site has a small database of recipes that I also use, and it lets me filter recipes by Charlie’s allergies. Pretty cool.


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