Meet Charlie

Charlie Saving The DayCharlie is the reason Toxic Lasagna is here. He’s also the reason I quit my job as a magazine editor two months ago and became a stay-at-home dad. Charlie is spectacularly allergic to several foods and has been to the emergency room multiple times for reactions. That’s a lot of action for a kid who just turned two.

As you can imagine, my wife MK and I are picking up an overwhelming amount of information as we go. Toxic Lasagna is a way to share what we’re learning and connect with the community of food allergy families that we suddenly find ourselves a part of.

Miracle Cupcakes And who is Charlie? He’s a happy, laid-back little guy who loves to play Superheroes with his big brother, Max. He also enjoys stomping around the house as a T-Rex while chasing and being chased by his bro. He’s only just beginning to figure out that there are things that his friends (and even his brother) can do that he can’t.

So, now you know a little about Charlie, Max and their parents. Let’s get this party started.


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