Food Allergy Challenge: Peas

Charlie passed his peas food allergy challenge. Holy cow.

Barring any disasters as we work peas into his diet, Charlie has knocked the first allergy trigger off his ridiculously long list. In fact, all legumes may be OK for him (we’ll find out in the coming weeks). Just thinking about the meals that he (and we) will be able to eat now is overwhelming. Peas are the food that have prevented us from eating many dairy alternatives. Take them out of the equation, and soy cheese opens up. Grilled cheese. Cheese on our tacos. Mac and cheese. The only mac and cheese he’s ever had was some mushy pasta died orange with carrot shavings. Wow.

You eat peas all the time. Charlie never does. Until now.Charlie took the test at the pediatric center attached to Children’s Medical Hospital, which has proven to be as great for kids as every one told us it would be. The test was pretty simple: we sit in a room and give Charlie increasing numbers of peas every 15 minutes. If he reacts, he gets a shot of epinephrine. If he doesn’t, his life gets easier.

This was a good day. His first food challenge, last year, was egg. A few crumbs of a cupcake with egg baked into it sent Charlie into a reaction and they had to give him a shot on the spot. MK was with him for that terrifying trip. I was afraid he’d have to go through that again. When I cooked the peas (one of those microwave steam-in-the-bag deals, so the protein wouldn’t get on our dishes), the smell of them made my stomach hurt. I wouldn’t think twice about them in a restaurant, but here, in our house? My parent radar was going nuts.

For now, I’m going to kick back and check out all the new Charlie-friendly foods MK has been emailing me about. Win.


5 thoughts on “Food Allergy Challenge: Peas

  1. AMAZING news!!!! I am the mom of a 9-year-old kiddo allergic to dairy, egg and black walnuts. You must be thrilled, I hope the news just continues to get better!

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  3. Angie, the doctor looked up split peas in particular and said we should be clear on them, too. He must have known about your soup.

    You know exactly what we’re going through, then. Do you expect your son to outgrow any of these allergies?

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